On occasion, to do with the nature of being a part time Associate Lecturer  my freelance work clashes with my academic commitments and I was unable to make it to the presentations on 2 July, having advised advised my tutor.

The presentations were discussion on the Self Initiated Project (SiP) with peers either having completed it, or presenting ideas in development – and also, I believe, an opportunity to exchange ideas for future research/development,

I’ll be undertaking my SiP next January so as it’s quite some distance off  I want to consider carefully what my project will be.

I enjoyed working on the two minute presentation exercise I prepared in our small tutorial group on how walking affects creativity as part of a wider interest in creativity and collaborative practice. I also have a long standing interest in the applications of technology into documentary practice and a desire to keep up with developments in newer technologies such as Virtual Reality, 360 imagery and Augmented Reality presentations. One of our alumna works for the Guardian making VR videos and we’ve invited her in to speak with our students in the last two years. We didn’t have any sessions in the MA programme then on VR (it was still in its infancy), but she got the job on the strength of her graduation film project. Storytelling remains the core skill to be developed for our students, but the intersections between non-fiction filmmaking and technology is most interesting. How do new technologies change the way the story is told?

I’ve also recently been approached by one of our visiting lecturers about a collaborative project with her organisation, The Independent Film Trust, and Raindance Film organisation to involve our students and the students of the new MA VR course in a VR community history project in Brixton. I’m hoping to develop that as an elective in our Collaborative Unit, but it depends on backing by the CL, and the hours that might be available to me to develop it.

In one of our tutorial sessions two peers and I were to exchange readings (though they weren’t able to attend I did respond to Anna Rhodes and our dialogue developed here) and I proposed a chapter from the book i-Docs produced ‘i-Docs: The Evolving Practices of Interactive Documentary‘ by Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi and Mandy Rose  ‘Documentary as Co-creative practice: from Challenge to Change to High Rise Kat Cizek in conversation with Mandy Rose’,  which was about a very influential and successful Canadian interactive documentary project called High Rise

As part of my professional development I applied to and was successful in receiving funding, and so was able to attend iDocs symposium in Bristol in March. Most  recently I attended Sheffield Doc Fest in June, one of the premiere international documentary festivals with a dedicated section on new technologies – though our students attend there was no departmental funding for it.

Being fortunate enough to able to attend both iDocs symposium and Sheffield Doc Fest this year (which also had a great array of VR / AR and interactive projects this year) gave me a rich resource on which I can draw for my self initiated project.

I also work on developing an interactive ethics tool with the Associate Dean of Research, so that could be a rewarding exploration for my Self Initiated project also.  The Ethics of Making  

My notes on the chapter I shared for our reading are attached here below as a possible resource for my SiP.

notes on i-docs book chapter